A former clinical and forensic military chief psychologist, Dr. Rosenbaum has a well-deserved reputation of excellence.
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Dr. Rosenbaum is at the forefront of ever-changing psychological research and is fully committed to exceeding client expectations.
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The Clinical Psychology Expert  Dr. Elliott B. Rosenbaum
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Did you know that only 4% of psychologists are board certified? This is because the field of psychology does not require board certification for a psychologist to practice. The credential ABPP indicates that a psychologist has demonstrated competence in their approved specialty area by the American Board of Professional Psychology. Board certification assures the public that specialists designated by the ABPP have sucesfully completed the educational, training, and experience requirements of their specialty including an examination designed to assess the competencies required to provide quality services in that specialty. Board certification is how we know that a psychologist in an expert in their field.


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